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Interior Design is not “work” to measure, shop around and place the elements across the space. It is rather an “art of creations” for the souls inside the home. Our work revolves around picking from Colour palette, your life interests, and various materials that will make our customer persona into reality.

Creation of such art for our clients takes time and we provide fully customized interior design solutions. The interior design shouldn’t be considered as race against time. It is a journey towards creation of the client’s dream in reality. After all, your home is a lot more than accolades from others. It’s a story about you, who you are, what you like, what you love all at one place.

Arth Interiors can handle entire turn key projects for residential interior design work. You may have a new house just handed over by the builder or a place where you are staying. We not only take care of design through one of our interior designers who are selected after a careful selection based on your requirements, we also hand hold the designer and then monitor the entire project till its handover to you.

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